Valerio della Sala

Doctoral Student

Autonomous University of Barcelona & Politecnico of Turin


Graduated in Sport Management in Italy and Spain, with research experiences at the IUSM, University of Bologna and at the Olympic Study Centre of Barcelona, I am specialized in multidisciplinary and comparative analysis and research on the Mega- Event. Currently I am a member and participant of the organizing committee of the SportComLab and I am a committee member of the Sport Research Institute.

I am a P.h.D. candidate in Urban and Territorial Planning at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in Urban and Regional Development at the Polytechnic of Turin. I am a visiting lecturer at University of Bologna. My research project focuses on the organisation of these kind of “Big Event” and it proposes new, possible criteria in order to guarantee their compelling and necessary structural modernisation. This study, which is going to be investigated in a Ph.D., is being published via Olympic and institutional channels.

Research Interests

• Mega event

• Regional studies

• Urban development

• Social inclusion

Key Publications

Article in the special issue of the journal Culture e Studi del Sociale (CuSSoc). Special issue “Integration by Sport and Physical Activities, Comparing European perspectives”, Journal Culture e Studi del Sociale (September 2021).

Chapter on sport and urbanism in the Encyclopedia of Sport Management published by Elgar (October 2021). Accepted proposal.

Accepted proposals for the writing of a chapter in: The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures. (January 2022).


I am currently completing my PhD in international co-tutel and am involved in a number of research groups. For the observatory of urbanism in Barcelona, I collaborate on the study of urban voids. In the research group of geography and sport, I study the incidence of sports facilities on the Italian territory in the practice of sports. For the living lab of Sabadell, I participate actively as a collaborator. Finally, for the OMERO group, I am studying the legacy of the Olympic Games in the Piedmont region.