H5P is an interactive content creation platform, allowing educators to easily and quickly create engaging digital material for students.

Based on HTML5 – and therefore useable on all modern web browsers – H5P is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), meaning it is free to implement, embed onto web pages and Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle and Blackboard), and is customisable by an active developer community, enabling evermore content types to be designed and implemented. Currently there are over 50 different content types, ranging from Drag and Drop activities, Image Hotspots, Crosswords, Flash cards, Paired memory games, Timelines, and 360° Virtual Tours. See the full list of activities with examples here.

If you are a Geography educator and require a place to design and host H5P content, please get in touch with Dr Kristofer Chan.

Our example Digital Teaching Content which utilizes H5P are: