Jonathan Harris

Post-Doctoral Researcher

King’s College London



Dr Jonathan Harris joined King’s in 2021 to work on a Leverhulme Trust Research Project focused on the geopolitics of diplomatic training, following posts at Stranmillis University College (Centre for Research in Educational Underachievement) and Cambridge University. His research examines the geopolitical assemblages of diasporic and educational settings, with a particular focus on Francophone postcolonial contexts. Jonathan is a long-term fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and sits on its Political Research Group committee.

Research Interests

• Geopolitics of training

• Postcolonialism and Diaspora

• Educational Inequality

Key Publications

Harris, J. (2022). “The Making of Tamazgha in France: Territorialities of an Amazigh Diaspora-Assemblage” Geopolitics

Harris, J., Purdy, N., Walsh, G., Jones, S., & Rowan, A. (2021). “Educational Underachievement in Northern Ireland Review of Research 2021” (Issue April). Centre for Research in Educational Underachievement.

Harris, J. (2020). “Nativist-populism, the internet and the geopolitics of indigenous diaspora” Political Geography: 102124


Training Diplomats of Postcolonial African States 1957-1997

Any Other Information

Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University Belfast