Dr Kris Chan

Lecturer in Physical Geography (Education)

King’s College London




Dr Kristofer Chan is an interdisciplinary researcher and educator, principally focused on the environment, hydropolitics and development. His research leverages satellite remote sensing, GIS, and open-source environmental sensor design, triangulating results with social science methodologies.

Kris co-leads the Environmental Science for Sustainability MSc programme, and convenes the GIS & Spatial Data Science (7SSGN109), and Earth Observation and Remote Sensing for Sustainability (7SSGN029) modules.

Prior to joining King’s, he taught at the London School of Economics, in addition to working as a GTA and laboratory assistant in King’s Geography. Kris attained his PhD from the King’s Geography Department, an MSc in Conservation (Distinction) from UCL, and his BSc (Honours) in Geography from Durham University. He currently works on the POR EL Páramo (POst-conflict Reconciliation of Environment and Livelihoods in Boyacá Páramo) project investigating the land cover changes and impacts in Colombia. He also participates in the Shifting In/equality Dynamics in Ethiopia: from Research to Application (SIDERA) project, investigating environmental and livelihood impacts in the dryland region of the Omo river basin.

Kris has attained the PGCAPHE is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Royal Geographical Society. He is also a member of the RGS’ Geography & Education Research Group and has recently redesigned the website.

Research Interests

  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Environmental remote sensing
  • Hydropolitics in Southeast Asia
  • Local/traditional ecological knowledge (LEK/TEK)
  • Open-source environmental sensors
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Key Publications

Chan, K., Smith, T.E.L. & Wooster, M.J. (forthcoming 2023) Remote Sensing and Satellite Earth Observation. In: N. Clifford, M. Cope, T. Gillespie, S. French (eds.) Key Methods in Geography. Fouth Edition. London: Sage.

Chan, K., Schillereff, D., Baas, A., Chadwick, M., Main, B., Mulligan, M., O’Shea, F., Pearce, R., Smith, T. E. L., Van Soesbergen, A., Tebbs, E. & Thompson, J. V. (2020) Low-cost electronic sensors for environmental research: Pitfalls and opportunities. Progress in Physical Geography 45(3): 305-338. https://doi.org/10.1177/0309133320956567

Hodbod, J., Tebbs, E., Chan, K. & Sharma, S. (2019) Integrating participatory methods and remote sensing to enhance understanding of ecosystem service dynamics across scales. Land. 8(9):132. https://doi.org/10.3390/land8090132

Satellite Soil Moisture Observations: Applications in the UK and India. Report of Pump Priming Project
Tebbs, E. J., Wilson, H., Mulligan, M., Chan, K., Gupta, M., Maurya, V. & Srivastava, P., 2019, Wallingford and Pune: The India-UK Water Centre. https://iukwc.org/sites/default/files/images/Water%20Brief%2007_0.pdf