GeogEd Launch 16th-17th December 2019

Launching the ‘Geography and Education Research Group’ of the Royal Geographical Society

**Registration now closed**

‘Geography and the student experience’

To celebrate the Higher Education Research Group becoming the Geography and Education Research Group (GeogEd) we are hosting a two-day conference and workshop event at University of the West of England on 16th-17th December 2019

The two-day event will be structured around re-launching the group and providing a networking opportunity for participants interested in either or both of the themes of the Research Group and the overlap between the them (see Figure below).  The broad theme of the conference is centred around ‘Geography and the student experience’, and we look forward to stimulating reflections upon the experiences of geography students (in whatever context from primary school through to higher education); students experiences of geography; and the geographies of these experiences.

Day One 16th December 2019: Conference

To register for the conference please go to by 12:00 noon 5th December 2019:

Overview of Programme

Start Time Activity
10:00 Tea and coffee available
10:30 Introductions
10:35 Plenary speakers and discussion
12:00 Break – Tea and coffee available
12:10 Incubator discussion sessions
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Presentation sessions
15:30 Break – Tea and coffee available
16:15 Liquid Café – identifying the research priorities for the group over the next three years
17:30 Close of day

Detailed conference programme: available at this link.

Day Two 17th December 2019: Structured writing workshop

Applications are now closed for the structured writing workshop. We have three papers being worked on at the event:

  • The history of the Higher Education Research Group and geography education in HE (Lead by Dr Ruth Healey)
  • The rising status of the ‘Geographies of Education’ as a discipline (Lead by Professor Peter Kraftl)
  • Looking ahead to the future: Key issues across the Geography and Education Nexus (Lead by Dr Matt Finn)

Broad overview of commitment dates:

21st October 2019 – Deadline for application submissions
4th November 2019 – Applicants notified if they have been accepted and in which group
2nd December 2019 – Each writing group to submit 500 word outline paper
17th December 2019 – Writing group workshop at UWE
18th December 2019-30th January 2020 – Working at a distance on 2000-3000 word paper
31st January 2020 – Planned submission deadline (more information to follow)

Detailed writing workshop programme available at this link.